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  1. After careful planning, families were able to see the residents of one care home from the safety of their cars.
  2. Lockdown has created a unique opportunity to cut HIV transmissions in the UK, says a major sexual health clinic.
  3. Workers at a London care home on how they coped with a coronavirus outbreak and several deaths.
  4. Advice on how to look after your mental health during the pandemic crisis.
  5. BBC's Health Correspondent Laura Foster explains what we know currently about how children are affected by the virus.
  6. Despite government pressure to take patients being discharged from hospitals, this care home refused and locked down early.
  7. What factors determine a potential second wave of Covid-19 infections?
  8. From a helipad to the streets, millions thank front-line workers risking their lives to fight coronavirus.
  9. Isle of Wight resident Megan Mackney describes using the Covid-19 contact tracing app.
  10. Fez is hoping new organ donation laws might mean he could get his third kidney soon.
  11. Hand gestures allow doctors to view x-rays and scans, and connect with colleagues in another room.
  12. The BBC’s Laura Foster explains how you can recognise the symptoms of coronavirus.
  13. Dr Rosemary Leonard says it is "more dangerous for a child to cross the road" than go to school.
  14. The Science and Technology Committee chair Greg Clark says the government must "learn the lessons so far and apply them".
  15. What's it like to fast for Ramadan as a healthcare worker during the coronavirus pandemic?
  16. Andrew Cuomo says "there is nothing about the test that should intimidate people" into not taking it.
  17. The WHO's chief scientist says it's seen no big coronavirus outbreaks linked to regular school attendance.
  18. Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner calls for an investigation into care home deaths during the pandemic.

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