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  1. BBC Breakfast spent four days filming inside The Christie Hospital in Manchester, meeting patients and staff.
  2. Could human challenge trials speed up the development of a coronavirus vaccine?
  3. Former Paralympian Rachel Morris competed in both rowing and cycling while also struggling with an eating disorder.
  4. PM Boris Johnson says he will introduce local contact tracing ahead of new Tier 3 restrictions.
  5. The BBC's Laura Foster explains what a circuit-breaker is and how it could help tackle Covid-19.
  6. A leading scientist who sits on the SAGE committee that advises the government says the current row between Westminster and local leaders is “very dangerous”.
  7. The BBC's Ros Atkins looks at one country that has been an outlier from the start of the pandemic.
  8. The Health Secretary has announced that tougher Tier 2 Covid measures will come into force in a number of areas.
  9. Genelle Aldred believes racial bias within the maternity care sector played a role in her baby's death.
  10. A mother of a young boy with Down's syndrome is helping to teach people about appropriate language.
  11. With so many different soaps to choose from, Dr Michelle Wong explains how to find the best soap for you.
  12. A mum describes the pain of seeing her son's mental health suffer during the coronavirus pandemic.
  13. Head of Vaccine Taskforce says she would be "surprised" if vaccine wasn't available next year.
  14. The BBC's Laura Foster uses baked goods to explain how the new Covid alert system in England will work.
  15. Specially trained dogs in Lebanon are learning to detect coronavirus as part of a research project.
  16. Prof Stephen Powis says they will do everything they can to maintain capacity for non-Covid services
  17. Deputy chief medical officer warns closed and crowded spaces can increase coronavirus transmission.
  18. Louise Buxton was a healthy, 47-year-old swimming teacher but now says she struggles with symptoms of Long Covid.
  19. BBC Breakfast has followed the Rugby League legend and his family since he was was diagnosed in 2019.
  20. As hospital admissions for Covid-19 rise again, we take a look at a 12-hour shift in A&E.
  21. Neive's parents produce a music video to change perceptions about people with Down's syndrome.
  22. Health teams have “acted swiftly to minimise (the) impact” of nearly 16,000 coronavirus test results being left out of the daily reports, says the health secretary.
  23. The government’s handling of testing is “so much worse" than a "shambles", says the shadow health secretary.
  24. Boris Johnson cannot give a figure for those who should have been traced after an IT error saw the coronavirus test figures for last week being under-reported.
  25. The test gives results in 15 minutes and costs less than five euros.
  26. A nurse is learning British Sign Language (BSL) for deaf patients at County Hospital in Stafford.
  27. A University of Oxford professor, who is co-leading the UK trial of the monoclonal antibody treatment, explains the experimental treatment being used on President Trump.
  28. How a treatment using laboratory-made antibodies could fight Covid-19.
  29. Experts keep discussing the value of R, but what is it and why does it matter?
  30. A Covid survivor has to learn how to move again after weeks on a ventilator left her muscles wasted.

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